Welding and plastic treatment

Welding alternatives:

  • common and alloy steel
  • aluminum and its alloys
  • cast Iron Welding

Welding processes utilized:

  • welding using TIG, MIG and MMA methods,
  • welding with wrapped electrodes and powder wires,
  • automatic cutting with oxygen,
  • automatic cutting with austentitic steel plasma and aluminum alloys,
  • weld surfacing with metallic powders (flame spraying)

Plastic treatment

  • bending unheated pipes Dz=10,2-108mm, angle 0-180°, bend radius 2+5 Dz.
  • sheet metal rolling with width max 3000mm, thickness max 25mm, Rm=280Mpa, minimal inside diameter for metal sheets up to 4 mm – Ø220 mm, minimal inside diameter for metal sheets from 5 mm to 25 mm – Ø500 mm
  • guillotine cutting Gmax=10mm, Lmax=3000mm,
  • sheet metal edge preparation of width L4000 on a CNC press P=3000KN
  • Rolling of steel sections using a hydraulic roller