Production Machining


  • spindle lathes Ф=10-2500mm, L=10-8000mm,
  • carousel lathes Фmax=2600mm, hmax=1250mm,
  • lathes for thick, flat metal stock Фmax=3500mm, Lmax=400mm, or Фmax=2500mm, Lmax=700mm.


  • universal milling machines,
  • milling gear wheels with the modular system Фmax=2000mm, module to 20mm,
  • large-surface processing on a drill mill with maximum dimensions of 5000mm x 3500mm x 1500mm,
  • planer-type miller for items with maximum dimensions of 1000mm x 1000mm x 3000mm.


  • rolling on rollers items of dimensions 1250mm x 1000mm x 1000mm.


  • column drills openings Фmax=70mm,
  • radial drills openings Фmax=70mm, arm reach 3150mm, h max= 2500mm.


  • grinders for bores and shafts Ф=10-350mm;
  • shafts Lmax=1500mm and Lmax=300mm; bores qmax==300kg,
  • surface grinder 200mm x 600mm, hmax=250mm,
  • bore honing Фmax=200mm, Lmax=400mm.