We have experience in production of a range of chemical and energetic equipment including:

  • duct heaters and super heaters for power plants,
  • cylindrical pressure vessels
  • installation of desulfurisation equipment,
  • equipment made from austenitic steel,
  • filters and centrifuges,
  • rotary granulators,
  • rotary dryers,
  • reactors,
  • surface-tube type heat exchangers,
  • reduction-cooling stations,
  • autoclaves,
  • absorptive columns,
  • mills for mineral ores,
  • specialized equipment for the chemical and energy industry,
  • containers, pipelines, heat rubberized shapes with dimensions
  • Фmax= 3000mm, Lmax =8000mm,
  • polyethylene coatings for fittings,
  • belt, chain and coil conveyors etc.