Corrosion-resistance protection

Surface preparation:

  • grit blasting with rinsed sand,
  • grit blasting with copper slag.

Painted coatings:

  • traditional application method,
  • hydrodynamic (airless) application.

Corrosion-resistant coatings:

  • corrosion-resistant resin,
  • Production of layers made of polymer powders – manual application


  • cold application on devices and pipes with diameter of 50mm and higher,
  • hot application of rubber and ebonite coatings on devices with diameter of 50mm and higher.
  • autoclave vulcanization, maximum dimensions Ф-3000mm, L-8000mm.

Testing of corrosion-resistant coatings:

  • paint thickness of PE and rubber coatings,
  • airtightness of adhesion of rubber and ebonite coatings.